Stromata follows adventurous suit...reveling in wild time signatures and stark, synthesized percussion, its only constant her unadorned, operatically trained vocals.
Martin dramatically fingers her keyboard to lush orchestration from strings and delivers lines with...inspired conviction.
...the opera world's loss is pop music's gain. unforgettable display of emotions. epic, experimental effort which bursts through genres one by one, stunning the listener with a tour de force of sounds that wraps around your head so tightly it cries out for the headphone experience.
Dramatic, powerful, individual. A knockout album. The vocals! The songwriting-hooks and wanderings and experimentation! Charlotte Martin has grown up to fulfill all the promise in her early work.
...she has fought hard to be where she is today...
...a great record for both long time Charlotte fans and the newly joined as well.
A seductive performer. A skilled lyricist who writes with surgical precision.
A born storyteller and affecting vocalist, Martin's music will appeal to closet goths, beauty queens, and everyone in-between.
Martin abstains from the structural clichés that many songwriters succumb to and her innovation is something to be appreciated. Not every musician possesses her sonic fearlessness and can deliver it so seamlessly. will miss something spectacular if you won't let this extraordinary singer invade your sound system.
...a cerebral, imaginative mind.
- Asbury Park Press
Wow, is the first thought that came to mind.
...her venturing into surreal new territory, even some beatbox-like syncopation.